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The trickle charger used by the Liberace Garage to maintain batteries of our classic car rental fleet.  

Most trickle chargers this small are only 1.5 watts.  This one is 5 watts.  The substantial difference determines how much of a trickle chare it ads to your car.

Many solar trickle chargers will not gather enough energy through car windows.  This one does.

Most solar trickle charters are not made to be able to attach to the visor inside the car.  This one does.

Most solar trickle chargers provide 12v of power.  This one provides 18v to compensate for transmission loss.

Suction cups included for glass mounting.  Straps allow visor mounting.  Adjust toward direct sunlight wherever possible.  Cigarette lighter connection and battery clip connections are both included as well.


Parked:  The charger can be connected directly to the battery and placed on the outside or inside of the car. 

Running:  The charger can be connected to the battery and charging from inside the car when facing the sun, or it can be connected to the cigarette lighter and add 18v charge to help prevent against battery depletion during daytime driving.

Monocrystalline silicon Solar Panel
Max work current: 300mAh
Power: 18v/5w

Dimension: 320*120MM
Package Weight: 435g

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