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Liberace 1962 Riviera Hotel marquee 4-panel print

Liberace discovered Barbra Streisand singing in a nightclub called the Bon Soir, in the East Village, NYC.  He recruited her to be his opening act in Las Vegas, in 1962.  But her act was perhaps not stage ready.

"She should stop wearing tablecloths for dresses."
        ~ Mr. Blackwell, 1962


"Those blue-haired ladies who worshiped Liberace were having none of the eccentric Miss Streisand, and the management of the room told Lee in no uncertain terms to get rid of her."
        ~ Marni Nixon

"We went out and did twenty-five minutes. No response. It was very upsetting. The second show, same thing, and the same thing the next night. So on the fourth day, Liberace called a meeting and said 'Here's what we're gonna do:  I'll go out and open the show, do about ten or fifteen minutes, and then I'll introduce Barbra as my discovery, give it the old schmaltz'"

"That fourth night, after he gave her that stamp of approval, she came out and did the exact show she'd done before and got a standing ovation."
          ~ Peter Daniels
             Streisand Musical Director

"I had to sell her on the value of glamour."
          ~ Liberace 1973

“She will be one of the great entertainers of all time, a girl who's a combination of Fanny Brice, Carol Burnett, and Judy Garland.”                             ~ Liberace 1962


Barbara Streisand shared the stage with Liberace in Las Vegas, until 1964, when she was cast as the lead in Funny Girl on Broadway, based on the life of Fanny Brice.

Visit the Liberace Museum Collection in Las Vegas


  • Print on canvas
  • Wipe with a clean cloth
  • The Product consists of two 20*40cm(7.8"*15.7") murals and two 20*50cm(7.8"*19.6") murals
  • The custom area is single-side printing.
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