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the highest rated Vegas museum tour on TripAdvisor.

A gift certificate for yourself or your recipient

Liberace at Thriller Villa: 
Showmanship and the Man in the Mirror 

The legendary costumes, pianos, personal treasures, photos and documents in the mysterious former residence of the King of Pop.  Truly the vintage Vegas tour de force, +/-3 hours. Transportation, refreshments included.  

Presenter of this digital certificate receives a paid invitation from us via email response, and can then choose their dates and personalize the experience.

Featuring the Lost Treasures of Liberace

Thriller Villa is the venue visited, and often used in productions featuring Boy George and Culture Club, Carlos Santana, Tyga, YGMichael BallChloe Flower, QuestloveSteve Stevens and Josie StevensGretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley, and many other notables. 

This highly rated experience is limited to very few guests. Proceeds benefit the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts.  The property is not open to the public.  

Light continental breakfast and coffee and transportation to and from most lodging in the Las Vegas tourism corridor included.

The Guide

The Chairman of the Liberace Foundation and Honorary Consul of Monaco Jonathan Warren has run Thriller Villa for the past decade, and has hosted only a select group during that time, including many celebrities and famous personalities.

Consul Warren is a licensed and insured guide who's over 50 years in Las Vegas give unique perspective.

The Tour

You will be taken through Thriller Villa, the most fabled homes in Las Vegas, to Consul Warren's narration of its secretive construction by an eccentric theater developer, how it came to be purchased by an international businessman and then became the final residence of Michael Jackson. How appropriate that this magnificent property would then come to house the world renowned Liberace Museum Collection!  You'll learn that this wasn't the first time Liberace and Michael Jackson shared a roof or the limelight together.

The Details

Thriller Villa is a private residence, in an exclusive neighborhood. Please do not attempt to come to the property without confirmed reservation, it is not open to the public. All transportation accessing the compound is dispatched by the property. No commercial traffic is permitted, and no business is conducted on property.

Transportation is included. Our standard method of transportation is via our corporate Uber shuttle service, arranged entirely by our staff. You do not need to have the Uber app or access, only a a smart phone. The cost is included.  Please do not drive to the property as parking is not permitted and unauthorized parking or arrivals will be turned away.

Photos are allowed, provided you do not use flash or extra lighting. No videography or panoramic photography is permitted. We require that you stay with your guide, refrain from touching the exhibited artifacts, and be mindful that you are visiting a private residence where people live. You may be on camera at any point on the property, and we reserve the right to remove any party at any time with or without cause.

All funds are earned when received. There are no refunds offered, including in the case of a force majeure, including but not limited to Covid 19 or other government closures. If we are notified by you of your cancellation for any reason at least one day prior to your tour, we will issue a gift certificate for the amount paid, which you may apply to other tour or admission products offered by us, within 24 months.

ADA NOTICE:  As a private residence and not a public space, Thriller Villa may not be up to all standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act. However, there is an elevator between the two levels traversed, as well as ADA standard restrooms, but there are also a few steps and thresholds which may require some assistance. If you let us know of mobility restrictions we will be ready to help. We are determined to make the tour available to those with mobility restrictions.  

COVID 19 NOTICE:  Covid 19 is a disease which can be transferred through breath in the air, gathering in enclosed areas.  We place extreme limitations on the number of guests allowed in at any one time (maximum 6) due in part to this global pandemic.  Covid 19 is potentially deadly, in particular to those not vaccinated against it.  It may still infect and sicken or on rare occasions cause death of those vaccinated against it.  Masks are provided to any who request one.




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