Collection: Liberace Interiors and Objets d'Art

Liberace was an interior designer both as a hobby and professionally.  His 1950's antique shop in Hollywood later morphed into Liberace Interiors and Objets d'Art in 1965.  His passion was to take artifacts thought worthless, and show the world they were priceless.  


The Liberace Museum followed in 1979.  There he also started the Liberace Museum Store, which now brings design elements created from the Liberace Museum Collection.

Chief Designer:  Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl

Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl's interior design client list already included Michael Jackson and Debbie Reynolds when she was asked to design Thriller Villa, and later to augment it to store the Liberace Museum Collection for exhibition to potential partners.  She later designed Liberace Garage, and nearly all of the exhibits at both locations.  She was the Liberace Steakhouse in Monrovia, California, which was delayed by pandemic, and also was the design consultant on the restoration of Liberace's primary home in Las Vegas, and for the restoration of his restaurant, Liberace's Tivoli Gardens.  

Paulina is now also designing products for the Liberace Museum Store, in all departments and with a special focus on interior design products.  Her development of copyrighted patterns made from photographs of artifacts is a hit.  Her keen eye for the unusual and for building comfortable interiors which tell a story, in unsurpassed in the industry, and sought around the world.