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Liberace is a style icon for the ages, and is the very reason Las Vegas looks like Las Vegas.  He created bling on the American stage, was first to introduced glitz in menswear on television, and extended his style to his cars and homes.  

Long before the 1969 residency of Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton, Presley first attempted to play Las Vegas in 1956, and bombed.  It was Liberace who told him then, "You need more glitz in your act, kid."

Liberace and Elvis exchanged jackets and instruments

When Barbra Streisand first played Las Vegas in 1962, she opened for Liberace at the Riviera.  The hotel told him to get rid of her, as she was not costumed or coiffed for the crowd.  It was Liberace who prepared her for the sophisticated audience.  In 1973 he said of Streisand, "I had to sell her on the value of glamor."


Barbra Streisand opened for Liberace in Las Vegas from 1962 to 1964

Liberace's style has seen him named in lyrics of hundreds of songs.  Stars paying tribute to his look there include Katie Perry, Gwen Stefani, Ryan Murphy, Anna Wintour and many more.  Adele paid tribute to him in announcing her Las Vegas residency.  

Liberace is an American classic.